Specialist in Civil Appeals

  • Board Certified, Civil Appellate Law

  • Martindale-Hubble “AV Preeminent”

  • Texas Monthly “Super Lawyer”

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I have spent nearly thirty years working on appeals and believe my record shows I have gotten rather good at winning them.

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Following lessons I learned years ago from masters of the craft, my approach is simple: to be more thorough than the other side, to construct deeper and better arguments than they do, and to write a more powerful brief. By the time the court hears the appeal, I am determined to know more about the facts of that case, the record in that case, and the legal precedents for that case than anyone else in the courtroom. I absolutely will not pass an appeal off to a junior attorney.

I have also had plenty of experience working with trial teams to build the record for any later appeal. I have done that dozens of times and know the territory.See my most recent “how to” article on preserving error. →

Finally, allow me to caution you about a personal idiosyncrasy: I work on appeals only to win them. If your strategy is to pursue an appeal in order to settle the case, on the other hand, you will almost surely be better served by someone else.

If you are determined to make the best effort to win, however, give me a call.